Module 1: Learning Word Press (1/17/18)

Questions: What is Digital Literacy? What do we mean by Digital Humanities? What will you learn in this course?


Optional: Mark Briggs, “Chapter 2: Blogging and Microblogging.” Journalism Next, pp. 45-53, 68-78.


Skills Workshop: Blogging; Writing for Online Venues

Things to Get Done for the Day: 

  • Go to the Course Blog and “Follow” it — this will push course info to your email.
  • Accept the invitation to Slack.
    • Click on the #announcements channel (left margin)
    • Click on the star in the top menu to “prefer” this channel
    • click on the i to see information for the channel; set notifications as you wish so that you receive course communications in a timely way
    • Repeat these steps for any other channel you see fit
    • Go to #chatter, and introduce yourself: name, major, favorite pop culture reference
  • Go to Word and Register
    • Set up a blog on Word Press (part of the registration process)
    • Learn where the Dashboard is and how it works
    • Personalize your profile; create and add an (gr)avatar to represent you online
    • Choose a “Theme” for your blog and customize it
      • Change colors, background, fonts
      • Add Menus
      • Add Links/BlogRoll
      • Add Widgets
    • Learn how to create a Page
    • Learn how to create a Post
      • Change font sizes and styles
      • Insert block quotes
      • Add links
      • Upload documents, images, or media (also learn size limits!)
      • Embed documents, images and media in a post or page
  • Post an entry on your blog. Here is today’s blog prompt: 

Write a “digital life assessment” based on the digital media survey we will take in class. How much experience do you have with digital media of communication? What is your comfort level with technology and tinkering? Would you consider yourself a digital native, digital immigrant, digital expert, digital novice, digital incompetent, or what, and why? What skills do you hope to gain in this course, and what do you want to accomplish? Everyone should write a short, informal post of roughly 200-500 words and publish it on their blog, ideally by the end of class but no later than Friday (11:59pm). By Sunday 1/21, read your peer’s blog posts and add comments to at least two of them.

Download the Blog Prompt Handout for details about future blog assignments. 


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