Week 1: Learning Word Press



Things to Get Done: 

  • Accept the “Invitation” Dr. Takacs sent you by email.
  • Go to Word Press and Register
  • Set up a blog on Word Press (part of the registration process)
  • Learn where the Dashboard is and how it works
  • Personalize your profile; create and add an (gr)avatar to represent you online
  • Choose a “Theme” for your blog and customize it
    • Change colors, background, fonts
    • Add Menus
    • Add Links/BlogRoll
    • Add Widgets
  • Learn how to create a Page
  • Learn how to create a Post
    • Change font sizes and styles
    • Insert block quotes
    • Add links
    • Upload documents, images, or media (also learn size limits!)
    • Embed documents, images and media in a post or page
  • Go to the Course Blog and “Follow” it — this will push course info to your email.
    • Upload your blog address to your user profile on the course blog (or email the address to Dr. Takacs: stacy.takacs@okstate.edu).
  • Post an entry on your blog introducing yourself and your blog to the world

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