Oral History Consent Form and Other class maintenance

I have created a draft of the Oral History Consent Form [click those words to download it]. BEFORE YOU DO YOUR INTERVIEW, DOWNLOAD THE FORM AND FILL OUT THE PORTIONS IN [BRACKETS]. You will need to explain your rationale for choosing the interviewee in terms they will understand and provide a basic outline of topics likely to be covered. You don’t need to provide a list of questions, but you should give them some idea what you want to discuss. You should also fill in your name.

After you establish a time for the interview, bring your microphone, this form (with your name and data filled in), your list of topics/questions, and something to take notes with (not your phone as you will be using that).

  • You should show the interviewee the form BEFORE you start, but you may wait to have them sign it afterward (in case they want the right to veto portions).
  • Wear nice clothing and be professional and courteous while on the interview.
  • Thank the subject profusely for their time and assistance and promise you will share the results.
  • Identify a means of further communication (a phone or email address) so that you may keep them apprised of the progress of the project.
  • Send a thank you card after the interview (it’s just nice).

Revisions to the syllabus for the next three weeks:

Since we learned a little about Audacity last week and none of you are likely to have your interviews completed by this Thursday, we are going to flip-flop the assignments for the next two weeks. So ,

11/5 Workshop: Making Video Essays

Read: *Cohen & Kenny, “Create and Participate: Video”

Watch: ThisLandTelevision, “Tate Brady” <https://youtu.be/2Qru7d5qBpU>; Brad Henniger, “Oklahoma History Video” <https://youtu.be/8Uo8FLRYWOA>

Resources: Miriam Ross and Greer Fyfe, “How-To Video Essays” <http://reframe.sussex.ac.uk/audiovisualessay/resources/how-to-guides/how-to-video-essays-by-greer-fyfe-and-miriam-ross/>

DUE: Blog Post 8 (which will be the topic assigned for blog post 9 on your instruction sheet. See D2L if you are confused)

11/12 Workshop Day:

Bring any and all research materials you need to help build your project. Also, bring headphones to use while editing audio or video. We will spend time in class today just story-boarding and constructing the project.

DUE: Blog Post 9 (Provide a narrative update on your project and what you plan to work on in class)

Oral History Interview and Reflective Essay will now be due on Thursday 11/19 — Bring a hard copy of the essay to class.

Oral Presentations will also be due 11/19  (this is the same as on the syllabus)


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