Reminder: Bring materials to work on in class Thursday

Thursday will be lab day in class. You will have the whole time to work on your projects, so bring anything you need in order to accomplish good work. Things you might need include:

  • Research materials (books and articles)
  • Research notes
  • Photos, infographics, video or audio files to be edited
  • Headphones for sound work; cables or thumb drives for easy file transfer
  • Laptops or tablets if you preferĀ to use your own equipment (and have the requisite software)
  • iRig mikes (if you are done with the oral history interview)

You have several pending assignments you could be working on, including:

  • Editing your oral interview (if you plan to incorporate audio from it into your project)
  • Creating a 1-3 minute video clip (if not using audio in the project)
  • Creating a “story board” for your final project, including a draft of text and all of the multimedia elements you plan to incorporate
  • Preparing your oral presentation (which you will deliver 11/19)

I will discuss some software options for story-boarding and for delivery of your final project. You can, of course, use your blog or make a new blog on Word Press that is project-focused, but there are some other options we can explore, too. See you Thursday. Come ready to work!


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