How to Plan for the End?

As we near the end of the semester, it’s time to prepare for the final projects. Here is a list of tools that might help you with the formation and presentation of your final projects. Projects should combine text, image, sound or video and should contain between 1500 and 3000 words (about 5-10 pages). Tools: 

Sample Stories

  1. Rising Tides:
  2. Snowfall (NY Times):
  3. Farting and Holding Hands (Shane Amanpola, Storehouse):

Story Board or Mind Mapping apps — for planning the final project

  1. StoryBoardThat (
  2. (
  3. For Mind Mapping apps, see:

Apps and Sites you might use to design the final project:

  1. (of course) — While the free themes are somewhat limited in what they can host natively (video and large photos or files will have to be hosted elsewhere and linked to or embedded), the right template can still be used to create a beautiful story. Here’s an example of a creative use of free templates:

    A clever use of a tiled WordPress theme to direct viewers to different aspects of a story.

See the following post about key elements of story-telling design in for more ideas: 

 2. Atavist/Creativist — Free tool used to create “Rising Tides”.

3. Adobe Slate or Adobe Voice — Free apps from Adobe; best used on Macs or Ipads. ;

4. Storehouse — Free app, best used for photo stories. Not sure it can host video or audio (except as a continuous soundtrack). Not sure it’s available for android or PC

5. Free Website Builders like Wix ( –Will need to hosted on a server; I may be able to help with that

6. Wiki hosts, like PBWorks ( or WikiSpaces (


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