Final Things To Do

I have uploaded grades to the D2L for everything that has been due to this point in AMST3683, including blog posts. Comments on the Story Boards were emailed to you. Many of you will find the comments helpful, so BE SURE TO READ THEM BEFORE CLASS ON THURSDAY.

I will give you all one last chance to post a blog entry this week. This can substitute for a missing post or work as extra credit (if you have all posts accounted for). Topic is:

  • Write a 100-300 word post that reflects on what you learned in this course. Consider the aims and skills outlined at the beginning of the syllabus: how confident do you feel in the areas discussed? Which aspects of the course were surprising or helpful to you, and which need work? What do you think you will take with you from the course (and what will you leave)?
    • Note: I WILL read these before entering your final grades, so be constructive rather than cantankerous in your comments. You should express any larger or more problematic frustrations in the anonymous forum of the official class survey.
  • No comments due this week, though you are encouraged to examine your peers’ posts and comment as you see fit.
  • Blog posts should be up BEFORE CLASS 12/3.

You also have a video or audio clip due before class on 12/3. Post a copy of your video to YouTube or Vimeo; post audio to Soundcloud or another audioservice; and then embed the link in your Blog so we can find it.

Thursday is a workshop day. BRING ANYTHING YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL WORKING: earphones, thumb drives, files, photos, food, whatever you need–bring it!

See you Thursday for the final push


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