Blog Prompt 2 (Due 1/24)

Identify a blog that you think provides a useful model for “how to write a blog”; alternatively, identify a blog that provides a cautionary example of what not to do; or, do some combination of positive and negative examples. You can use the blog exchanges (Carr v. Shirky) assigned for this week as fuel for this post if you’d like, or find completely new things. Share your recommendation(s) with your followers on your own blog, and evaluate the pros and cons of the blogs you found. What is good about it/them? Content, design, access, freshness, openness to commentary, “buzz,” etc. What are the limitations of them as models? What parts would you emulate and which would you leave aside, and why?

Posts should be short (200-500 words) and informal/accessible; they should include links to the relevant source texts (i.e. the blogs under discussion) and, if possible, sample content or images to illustrate design elements, access issues, etc. Practice linking and embedding quotations and imagery, in other words. This post should be completed before class on Wed 1/24.

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