Module 3: Digital Archives and Resources (1/31 )

Questions: What is data for a humanist/journalist? Where and how do we find it? What ethical considerations are involved in preserving, copying and using data for our own projects?


Optional: Mark Briggs, “Ownership, Copyright and Fair Use.” Journalism Next, pp. 157-158.


Skills Workshop: Searching the Public Domain; Running a Copyright test; Making an Infographic

See Blog Prompt 3 for this week’s prompt; Due before class today (1/31). We will comment in class.

Task 1: Take the Copyright quiz at:  Print your results and hand it to me with your name on the document.

Task 2: Using Venngage, PiktochartCanva, or the desktop based presentation software Powerpoint, create an infographic “Guide” to the digital archive or project you evaluated for this week. Your guide should discuss: the basic subject of the archive or project, the creators or host institutions and their aims, the type of information that can be found there, and the type of info that cannot be found there (i.e. what are the limits of the archive or project). If there are difficulties using the site, note those too. Try to convey this data visually using images and assets (sketches, cartoons, etc.) available in the public domain or via a creative commons reuse license.

When you are done (no later than 2/7), post the “Guide” to your blog for review; if you feel it’s necessary, explain your rationale for representing your resource in the way that you have. Before next week, comment on at least 3 of your peers’ infographics. Comments should be specific, and evaluative but also constructive: what did you find helpful or confusing about the graphic? What do you think the author could add or subtract to make it clearer?

Resources for making an infographic


Information is Beautiful website


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