Blog Prompt 3 (Due 1/31)

Blog Post: Write a 200-500 word evaluation of ONE of the digital repositories or projects listed under the “Resources” menu above. Your evaluation should begin by introducing the site and its host institution. It should then provide an overview of the content available at the site (or not) and the motivation for collecting or presenting said content: how do the curatorial or project goals affect what is available, or not, on the site? The post should also analyze the design of the site (how easy is it to use? how well or poorly does the design “fit” with the content?), and offer some critical insight into the successes and/or failures of the project overall (what is useful or convincing to you and why? What troubles you about the project and why?).

Posts should be short and informal/accessible; they should include links to the relevant archives or projects under discussion and, if possible, sample content or images to illustrate design elements, access issues, etc. This post should be completed before class on Wed 1/31.

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