Module 4: Digital Identity and Social Media (2/7)

Questions: How do social media differ from other sorts of media? How do these differences affect the production and circulation of knowledge/opinion? What can be done to manage/ filter online information? What can we do to better manage and secure our online identities?

There may be some changes to the readings in this unit.

About Social Media:

Producing/Curating Your Online Identity:

Social Media for Research and Publication:

Optional: Mark Briggs, “Chapter 2: Blogging and Microblogging.” Journalism Next, pp. 54-67, 79-89.

The following “TED Radio Hour” snippets are also optional but recommended. They address issues of relevance to this week’s discussion and might be used as fodder for the blog post.

Skills Workshop: Setting up social media accounts; privacy settings, two-factor authentication, and other security settings; using social media for data collection, writing and publication

Blog Post: See the Course Blog or Slack for this week’s prompt; Due before class today (2/7). We will comment in class.

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