Module 6: Wikipedia Continued: Phil Ochs Project (2/21)

Do: Post a draft of your planned edits/additions (300-600 words), complete with coding, to googledrive. Your draft should include a list of primary and/or secondary sources used to uncover information (a bibliography). We will use googledocs to peer review each others’ works-in-progress. [Apologies, I forgot to update the assignment after I changed it. Sorry for the confusion.]

Do before class: In a blog post, list the four sources you found, and add a brief statement explaining why you chose each source, how you might use it, and why each passes Wikipedia’s “verifiability” test (Wikipedia:Training/For_students/Verifiability). This will comprise 40 points of your Wiki grade.

For research, review the reference resources in the Tulsa library related to Ochs, the 1960s and (folk) music; search for scholar publications about his life and works in the library databases or on the shelves; review the digital resources on Ochs, Sing Out!, Broadside Magazine, and Folk Music listed on the “Resources” page of the course blog, collected in the shared Evernote notebook, or discussed on the Slack channel #ochs.

DUE: Final Wikipedia edits, as well as your critical reflection essay on the process, will be due on Sunday 2/25 by 11:59 pm. See the Wikipedia Assignment instructions for full details about when, where and how to submit your deliverables.


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