Blog Prompt 7 (Due 3/14)

Blog Post: Using, a freely available lyric annotation tool (see below for alternatives), provide an introduction and a set of annotations for ONE of Phil Ochs songs. Choose a song that has yet to be annotated or that is only lightly or weakly annotated and add some context; note that you can add images, links, and videos as well as words to your annotations. Play with the possibilities and add some well-rounded annotations. Caveat: Additions should be based on research into the song, subject, or Ochs’s biography and will be assessed on their scholarly merits. For instructions:

When you are finished, embed the annotation into a post on your blog (if possible, you may have to link to it instead). This should be completed before we meet at the next session.

  • Other annotation options include: GoogleDocs, Dropbox, or Annotate. All require you to register, but you may already be registered for one of the first two.
  • With these options, you will have to upload the lyrics yourself, and then annotate them, and the annotated documents are less likely to be embeddable, hence the recommendation of Just link to the doc if you use one of these tools.

Posts will be due before class on 3/14 and should be as long as they need to be to show engagement with the issues.

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