Module 11: Video Cont. + Project Development; Story-Telling (4/4)

Schedule change:

Questions: What are best practices for recording, editing and publishing video material? How can you use video and audio together to tell a compelling story? What tools can you use?

Optional: Mark Briggs, “Chapter 5: Visual Storytelling with Photos” and “Chapter 7: Telling Stories with Video.” Journalism Next.

Watch:Shoot and Edit Video on an iPhone,” UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Advanced Media Institute Tutorials.


Skills Workshop: Ripping/Capturing Video; Editing video (using iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or another); Sharing Video on Youtube of Vimeo

Task: create a short video with subtitles/annotations or voiceover narration (about Ochs, friends, folk music or the 60s); upload to vimeo/youtube and embed in your blog; Write a short reflection on the exercise

Blog Post: See the “Task” for 3/14. Embed your “Introduction to Ochs” clip and reflect on the production process. Read and comment on your peers’ posts by Sunday 4/1 4/8.

NOTE the due date for the audio introduction has been pushed back to 4/4. 

Questions: How do we want the Phil Ochs Timeline to look? What information should we include or exclude? What multimedia assets should we include/exclude? Who should be responsible for which tasks?

Read: TBD

Skill: How to tell a good story; Mind-Mapping/Story-Boarding

Brainstorming: Phil Ochs Multimedia Timeline (Woody Guthrie Center)

  • Today we will be brainstorming; assigning roles and responsibilities; setting up a communication plan and tentative deadlines.
  • You will be assigned to a group and asked create a “sketch” for the story we want to tell about Ochs’s life via our timeline. Use a mind mapping tool and/or timeline app to sketch the project outlines and share with the group.
  • For possible mind-mapping tools your group could use see: Harry Guinness, “10 Best Mind-Mapping Tools for Better Brainstorming.” EnvatoTuts+, 18 September 2017.
  • I’d also recommend read-write-think’s rudimentary mapping tool to draft your ideas.

See the Resources page of the course blog  or the Evernote Notebook on Ochs for resources that might be of use in the project.

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