Module 13: Timeline Construction (4/18)

Questions: How does the technology we have chosen for our Timeline project work? What do we need to learn in order to use it effectively?

Skill: Working with timeline tools

Blog Post: See the Course Blog or Slack for this week’s prompt; due before class today (4/11). We will comment in class.


  1. Take the timeline tool poll at:
  2. Fill out the Project Planning Document on Googledocs (do NOT hand in separate documents; put your answers on the shared document for all to see and add to. Please color code your answers to distinguish them):

Do all of this before class on 4/18 for 20 points. If you fail to submit your thoughts by 4:30 on 4/18 you lose 20 points from your participation grade.

Questions: Are there things we still need to know in order to produce a compelling visual chronology of Ochs life and works? How can/should we go about discovering and including those things?

Continue research and construction

No blog post but share resources on Evernote or Slack #ochs


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