2/2-2/4 Readings and assignments

Questions: What is data for a humanist? Where and how do we find data? What are archives, and what can we do with archival materials?

These are questions we will take up this week with Megan Macken, Digital Humanities Librarian at the OSU Library. We will also learn a bit about Zotero, an online citation application with robust collecting and sharing capabilities. We will use Zotero to create our shared library for the final project, and I’ve been using it to deliver some of the course readings to you already! Megan will walk us through how to set up and use Zotero and share her expertise regarding finding and assessing archives.   

She recommends you start with some simple definitions. What does the word “archive” mean?  

I would add this resource, as well:

Other questions we will (hopefully) touch on this week include:

  • What relevant archives are available at OSU, and how might we access them? What are the limits to such access, and why do those limits exist?
  • What archives are available online (and which aren’t)? How accessible are materials in such collections?
  • What logics structure the collection and display of digital artifacts? How do archival processes (selection, tagging, describing, surfacing) affect accessibility?
  • What are the limits of digital archiving? What types of materials tend to be archived online, and what types of materials are not? What communities or voices are well-represented and which are not?
  • Finally, what can we do with archival materials? What sorts of projects can we build?

To get a firm foundation for blogging and discussion, please read:

And to prepare for using Zotero please complete BEFORE class on 2/4:

Examine these projects–You will note that I’ve changed the list a bit in order to better serve the discussion about Databases. We will discuss some of the original projects in more depth at a later date.

Please note that you will be assigned to analyze ONE of these databases for the Blog Post this week, but do look at a variety of them to see how they make different decisions about the collection, organization, description, and surfacing (or “connection”) functions of archivists.

2/4 Team Meeting at 1:30; Workshop on Digital Research Tools with Megan Macken

Author: Stacy Takacs

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