4/6-4/8 Readings and Assignments

4/6 Tulsa Race Massacre Project – Grad Student Meeting


  • Madigan, The Burning, Chaps. 8-10 (41 pp)
  • Miriam Posner, “How did they Make That?” (re-read this, please. The questions it asks about project-building will guide the blog post for the week)


To at least TWO of the following:

GRAD STUDENTS ONLY: Proposal for your #Syllabus or Digital Supplement Project is due today. You will present your proposal during our class meeting(also submit a written version to me via email)

EVERYONE: Comment on your peers’ blogs

4/8 Introducing Omeka – Everyone Meet Today


Workshop: Using Omeka – Guest Megan Macken

Blog Post 11 Due by 10 am. See the course blog for the topic.

Author: Stacy Takacs

Professor of English and American Studies Oklahoma State University 700 N. Greenwood Ave Tulsa, OK 74106-0700 stacy.takacs@okstate.edu

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