Multimedia Interpretive Essay

Integrate your research and source materials into a coherent, comprehensive digital “magazine” story: 200 pts or 20% of course grade

Post a link to your Blog by 5:30 pm on Thursday 12/10.

There are many possible models for such story-telling, including mainstream digital magazines and news sites. Wired Magazine and the New York Times, for example, regularly use sophisticated multimedia stories to enliven their online content. I’d also recommend (again) the Center for NYC Neighborhoods’ “Rising Tides Rising Costs” essay as a compelling example of how story-telling techniques can be used for expository purposes.

Delivery: You may create a separate page on your Blog to host this story, create a new blog (with a more “story friendly”) template and link it to your existing blog, or use any of the easy-to-use multimedia story-telling platforms now available for tablets and computers. I’d recommend Atavist (, Storehouse ( or Adobe Slate (

We will review he final stories during our party finals week. I look forward to seeing what you’ve created.