Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography = 10% of course grade (or 100 points total).

It will be due in class on 10/15

  • Part 1: Identify, cite and write a brief synopsis of 5-7 source documents related to your subject (50 points). At least 4 of the documents must be secondary source materials produced by acknowledged scholars and/or contained in peer-reviewed journals or websites. Do NOT count Wikipedia as one of your sources (remember, it’s a starting place for research, not an end in itself). The other sources may be a combination of primary and secondary sources. Ideally, you should select sources that express a range of opinion about the person, period or events. Here is an example of an annotated bibliographic entry.
  • Part 2: Compose a brief essay (1-2 pages) that synthesizes what you’ve found, what you still need to find, and how you might use these resources. Review any issues, problems or controversies among scholars regarding the your case study and describe the range of opinion about these issues. How do you think you will represent these differences in your project (i.e. where will you stand on the issues and how will you handle alternative opinions)? (50 points).