HistoryPin Collection

HistoryPin Photo Collection10% of your course grade (or 100 points).

It will be due before class on 10/22; post a link and any relevant comments on your blog.

Using the online photo repository HistoryPin, you will create a photo “collection” related to your topic for the research project.

  • You will find and upload at least 3 historical photos (or “favorite” existing ones) related to your subject and create at least 2 more contemporary photos that capture something about your subject as it exists in time and space. There will be a workshop on how to take, edit and upload photos on 10/8.
  • If you work on a community, this will obviously be easy, but if you are working on a person or event, you might need to get creative with the historical photos–what geographic spaces and/or places help us understand your subject? What buildings, neighborhoods, monuments, or roadside attractions provide insight into the subject? How would you “locate” the subject?