Digital Projects [2015]

Follow the links below to see the fruits of our labors this semester. While the projects range broadly in subject matter, research, and execution, I’m proud of all of the students for their efforts this semester. As this was the first time I had taught this course, they were my guinea pigs, and they were game for anything.

Each of these projects focuses on an aspect of local Tulsa history. Students collected a range of primary and secondary source materials and have created multimedia essays to display what they have learned. Our gratitude goes to the following folk for their assistance:

  • Jessica Reed, and the other reference librarians and archivists at The Tulsa Public Library Annex for their assistance in archival research;
  • Brooke Hessler, Chair of Writing and Composition at OKC U, for introducing us to digital story-telling;
  • Sarah Coates and Sarah Milligan at the Edmon Low Library in Stillwater, for teaching us about the resources available at OSU’s main campus and providing guidance on HistoryPin and Oral History techniques (respectively);
  • Larry Cochran, Faculty and Instructional Development at OSU Tulsa, for teaching us how to edit photos and videos using available Web 2.0 software;
  • Mary Hujsak at the OSU Tulsa Library for showing us around the OSU Tulsa archives;
  • Our interviewees, who graciously donated their oral history interviews to the OSU Tulsa Library archives.

We used mostly free Web 2.0 tools to create these projects, and students chose the tools they were most familiar with, so the exposition and display strategies vary. Still, all of the projects provide ready access to information about local Tulsa history that future scholars can build on. Congratulations to the students for making this material available and starting a conversation about its meaning and importance.

Cheryl Bucktooth, “Cyrus Avery and Route 66
Shannon Easton, “Tulsa Union Depot: A Digital History Website
Ali Hodges, “Culture Within: Native American Heritage and the Osage Murders
Hans Pasco, “Alsuma, Creek Nation, Indian Territory: A Town Unified By Poverty
Jai Rogers, “The Perryman Family and the Multicultural Roots of Tulsa, OK
Miriam Von Aschen-Cook, “North Tulsa: A History
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